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The Events of Unìco

Santa Rosalia in Art and Design


5 june 2019




h. 19.00


Fashion show


The event “Santa Rosalia in art, culture and design” was an evening dedicated to “Santuzza” which took place between debates and the presentation of the “Vie En Rose” capsule collection, the works of Enzo Venezia, the interpretation of the Saint Rosalia by Paola Barbasso and Edoardo Dionea Cicconi.

Thanks to Debora Leone for the partnership for the La Vie En Rosalia outfits with the shoes from her beautiful collection.

Thanks to the collaboration with Monica Mirri for the beautiful location, and thanks to Debora Leone for the partnership for the La Vie En Rosalia outfits with shoes from her stunning collection.

La Vie en Rosalia

To celebrate 40 years of business, the company C.I.D.A srl operating in the women’s clothing sector under the brand La Vie en Rose, presents the new project that includes a “capsule collection”, which is characterized by a strong sense of tradition and Sicilian culture. Exclusive prints, inspired by Sicily and its symbology. With La Vie en Rosalia, the goal is to enhance the icons and symbols of the cultural and popular heritage in a modern and “fashionable” way.

By choosing the name of Rosalia, the company celebrates one of the greatest symbols of our city, the Santuzza, the Patron Saint of Palermo, the woman who liberated us from plague, creating the desire for recovery, rebirth, new life that prevails over death, the great saint, venerated by Palermo and not only. Who better than Santuzza reflects the city of Palermo? What better brand could be given to the new capsule collection? Whether it is the same Sicilian women, tourists or other fashion operators in the world, to enhance our symbols.

The fabric patterns used to make the garments are exclusive and inspired by the colors and icons of Sicilian tradition.

Enzo Venezia

Born in Palermo, he graduated in architecture and has worked as a graphic designer mainly in the field of cultural heritage. He has created many posters, brochures, and other graphic materials related to various cultural events, including several editions of the Festino di Palermo. He has designed several posters for the Teatro Biondo Stabile in Palermo. He has curated numerous exhibitions promoted by the Sicilian Regional Government, the Municipality of Palermo, and various Sicilian universities. Among his most recent exhibitions was “Urban Planning and Architecture in Greek Sicily,” which was held at the Archaeological Museum of Agrigento. His passion for theater led him to teach set design from 1987 to 2000 at the theater school directed by Michele Perriera.

As a set designer, he has collaborated with the Teatro Stabile di Palermo and some local theater companies. Actors such as Moni Ovadia, Roberto Herlitzka, Giorgio Albertazzi, and Pamela Villoresi have performed on some of the sets he created. His collaboration with playwright Franco Scaldati and director Umberto Cantone was particularly noteworthy. He is a dedicated and passionate art maker, and over the years, there have been numerous exhibitions of his works. Among his latest installations was “Luminaria,” created at the Zisa Cultural Shipyards in Palermo, and presented in the Electa catalog by the critic Achille Bonito Oliva.

Edoardo Dionea Cicconi

He is an artist and musician from Rome and based in Florence and Palermo, Italy. He is a member of the art group DUSKMANN, co-funded in 2015. Departing from an oneiric-symbolist approach, Edoardo Dionea Cicconi investigates the themes of the unconscious, of transformation and of the eternal through a range of media.

Photography, painting and sculpture freeze a subjective dimension in time and become the vehicle of a profound, universal message. It is precisely through geometry that the artist undertakes an inner spiritual search which aims to arrive from the unconscious to a higher, more aware level of the self.

Interested in the perception of light, the elements in space and the laws and forces that govern the universe. The element which encloses the various motifs is square in shape, and the composition almost always develops in a circle.

The Circle and the Square represent the two fundamental aspects of God: the unit which equates to the divine manifestation. Dionea’s preferred material – glass – has itself the effect of canceling the distance between the outside and the inside, symbolically joining the dream dimension to that of reality, and is furthermore the material best able to filter light.

Paola Barbasso

Paola Barbasso isn’t just a lawyer, she has always cultivated her artistic mind and recently has found its expressive form through busts of woman made with poor materials and from.
recycling Chosen for the windows of “Hermes”, her works were immediately appreciated by the public, confirmed by the artist’s subsequent participation in “Flora Cult”, an important event
which is held every year in Rome.

The “women of Paola” are made with newspaper and wire. From the dreamlike and visionary taste, each of them has expressive force and character. The last papier-mâché layer is made in an original way with small strips of colored paper, which give the surfaces an unusual and personal appearance. Curated in the single detail, every woman has her own life and tells a story.

Paola Barbasso,
Santa Rosalia, paper mache and iron wire,
58×33 cm

Edoardo Dionea Cicconi,
Untitled, impression on glass,
wood, pape, 33x43x5 cm