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The Arte of Unìco
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Ignazio Schifano

Palermo, 1976.

Lives and works between Palermo and Rome.

After his early years in Palermo, he moved to London, where Schifano was trained as a restorer.

During the London experience, he experimented with mixed techniques and the use of hybrid materials thus giving new spirit to his works.

Back to Palermo he resumed his first passion, painting.

In his works he merges his Sicilian being, expressed in the colors and objects representing carousels, hot air balloons, the wheels and hats, with the London lived, which is expressed with the dark tones, and which show the artist’s intolerance towards the world and to the injustices like the unfulfilled dreams.

The artist with his works and in his works tells the joys and anxieties, the greatness of the human condition and the transience of life.

The painting of Schifano is a painting made of contaminations.