The Arte of Unìco
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Nicolò Morales

Caltagirone, 1973.

Artist, craftsman and master ceramist. Morales, Sicilian artist, whose works transmit the essence of Sicily itself in all its facets, he defines himself as a curious experimenter of the visual arts.

Colors, smells, tastes and traditions of Sicily are the elements that give life and shape to his works.

Tradition, technique and creative ingenuity are the quirks of the work of this artist, who with his brightly colored installations gives a new look to the ancient ceramics of Caltagirone.

There are many marine subjects, because as Morales himself says, life comes from the sea, the fetus itself is immersed in the amniotic fluid and the human body is made for its 90% of water.

Morales has thirty years of experience started at a very young age.

At just the age of 5 he experiences his first approach with clay, fascinated by the malleability of the material, eventually went on working with the clay from which his masterpieces originate.